Metanomy X Ambrus Studio — A Partnership with their game E4C: Final Salvation

2 min readApr 5, 2023


We are excited to announce that Metanomy has partnered with Ambrus Studio! Founded by Johnson Yeh, ex-CEO of Riot APAC, Ambrus Studio is dedicated to building a better future for gamers and the world.

Ambrus Studio — Ambrus Studio’s mission is to build an E4C metaverse to deliver “good game, good cause.” They believe in the power of games — they can help people feel happy, excited, and relaxed and provide good causes—their mission is to develop a real Web3 native mobile game. The game will innovate using blockchain technology to give an unforgettable experience for its players. They want players to have an exclusive emotional attachment and more fun playing their game than any other game!

E4C: Final Salvation — The Game is of the MOBA genre and available on mobile! With a fantastic storyline.

A Dystopian World in the Year 2100, because of mankind’s continued and unrepentant consumption of resources and environmental pollution, the complete destruction of the Earth has become irreversible. The temperature rises by 4 degrees with ongoing disasters and riots, almost driving mankind to extinction. Awakened Rangers are determined to save the world and human civilization.

Gameplay - The Rangers are NFT’s that can be used to play the game. Players must use skills wisely to reach high streak of combo, which requires players to improve their skills and understanding to get the highlight and win the match!

  • A combination of individual highlights and strategic and collaborative teamwork.

Mobile Native — Mobile-native game design

  • Less micro control needed
  • More strategy
  • An infinite amount of engagement/fighting meta
  • All about out-maneuvering your opponents with the right timing and combination of skill shots
  • A lot more highlight moments

The Partnership

The game has a solid esports foundation, with competitiveness built into it. We at Metanomy are a competitive bunch of gamers, and we believe this partnership will add another esports team to our arsenal.

Metanomy members will have the opportunity to indulge in the game, play as a community and participate in competitions & quests hosted on the Lysto platform, all while getting unique earning opportunities within the game.




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